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Our Process

The real magic to our cookies is in our process.
Brown Butter + Hand-Chop Chocolates + Overnight Dough Rest = Awesomeness!

Browning the butter gives the cookies a more intense toffee-like, butterscotch flavor.

Butter is essential for flavor. It’s about 80-83% butterfat, 15% water, and 3-5% milk protein. These proteins brown as the cookie bakes, adding nuttiness and butterscotch notes to the final flavor of cookies. Browning the butter brings these cookies to the next level by providing deeper flavor to the cookies.

Chopping the chocolate by hand creates large and small pieces for more textural and flavor contrast.

Chopped chocolate produces the most contrast. The small bits of chocolate shavings get distributed throughout the cookie dough, adding texture and giving a  chocolatey flavor, while larger chunks still melt into large gooey pockets. The only way to get this effect is to hand-chop whole chocolate bars with a knife. 

An overnight rest creates superior flavor.

24-72 hour dough rest allows enzymes to break down large carbohydrates, enhancing the caramelization and browning process the next day to help the cookies develop deeper flavor.


Did someone say cookies? Each and every one of our cookies is handcrafted in small batches from scratch with only the most delicious ingredients. Our cookies level up with browned butter, hand-chopped chocolate and an overnight dough rest for that crisp edges with rich toffee-like flavor and chewy center with big chunks of melted chocolate. You'll definitely keep coming back for more.

We’ve made ordering cookies online easy by curating the most delicious flavors just for you. You can browse the site and our flavors page to check out all of our cookie flavors!